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The City Council elections are held annually with the Mayor, Council Member Place 4, and Council Member Place 5 in even number years and Council Members Place 1, 2, and 3 in odd number years. The City Secretary is the early voting clerk and responsible for conducting all City held general or special elections. The City elections are held on the first Saturday in May with early voting conducted according to state guidelines.

Any qualified voter of the City may have his/her name printed on the official ballot for the particular office at any election by filing his/her sworn application as required by the Election Code of the State of Texas.  The order of the names on the ballot shall be determined by drawing lots.  Election of Mayor and Council Members are determined by plurality votes (receives the highest number of votes cast at such election for each office to be filled). The Mayor and all Council Members are elected at-large and serve without compensation.

All City elections shall be governed, except as otherwise provided by the City Charter and by the laws of the State of Texas governing general and municipal elections.

To be eligible to vote in any City election, you must reside within the City of White Oak and be a registered voter. To be eligible to vote in White Oak, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Be a resident of Gregg County (where you submit the voter registration)
  • Be at 18 years old on Election Day
  • You are not a convicted felon (you may be eligible to vote if you have completed your sentence, probation, and parole)
  • You have not been declared by a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be either totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote.

If you are not registered to vote or if you want to find out if you are already registered to vote, you can visit the Texas Secretary of State's website at

Texas now requires photo identification to vote in person. Click here for a list photo IDs that are acceptable and for more identification requirements.

This photo ID requirement is for voters casting a ballot in person, not by mail. Voters age 65 and older may vote by mail.



City of White Oak, Texas

Contact Information

City of White Oak
906 S. White Oak Road
White Oak, TX 75693

Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday
7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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