City of White Oak

Parks & Recreation

The City of White Oak believes in the important roles that parks play in the lives of our citizens. Parks provide lots of benefits to our environment, economy, and to people. Parks are places for all ages to walk, play, or socialize.

Health Benefits - Parks promote physical activity, which helps to increase fitness and reduce obesity. Contact with nature helps with medical issues and behavioral disorders, e.g. high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression.

Community Engagement - Parks also provide a place for people to gather for social and physical interaction. Parks foster community pride and connect people to each other and to nature. Parks also help to keep at-risk youth off the streets and gives them a safe place to socialize with their friends.

Economic Development - Parks are a quality of life component that also benefits the city economically. Potential businesses look at a city's quality of life before investing in a new development. Parks make our city more attractive to live and work for employees of these new businesses.

White Oak owns and maintains two gorgeous parks, each with its own amenities.

                                                White Oak City Park

                                                     (End of Magnolia Street)
 Panaramic Splash Pad Pic  
                                                      Penick Park
                                                  (End of Tanglewood Drive)

Penick Park Cropped

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City of White Oak, Texas

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City of White Oak
906 S. White Oak Road
White Oak, TX 75693

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Monday - Thursday
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